PROJECT Demarkation, 1993, Public Site Work, Berlin, Germany

Project Description

The minimal qualities of Demarkation are atypical of Art Attack work. Aluminum posts, 7 meters high (23 feet) high, were placed on five empty lots in Berlin, Mitte. As Berlin's reunification expands the core of the city, Mitte is experiencing tumultuous change. Real Estate is becoming expensive and desireable. Neighborhood residents are under intense pressure to release their homes and land to developers. The Art Attack posts create markers of former houses which existed before World War II. The foundations that support the posts rest on the ceilings (below ground) of still extant cellars.

Art Attack had authorization from the city of Berlin to install the posts, however, a conscious choice was made not to divulge the concept that informed the work. Yet, residents adopted the posts as personal symbols and have promoted their existence from temporary to permanent. The posts are guarded territorially from vandals and construction companies. 4 of 5 remain in place today.

But no longer of course.

Participating Artists

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