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PROJECT God Is My Point Man, 1987, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Project Description

While preparing for a trip to Kassel, Germany where we would present P(R)AY--a piece examining the tele-evangelist industry in the USA--we were invited back to Old Dominion University by professor Ron Snapp to perform at their downtown Norfolk, Virginia gallery.

Evan's truck was decorated with flag bunting, the Confederate battle flag, tithing trays, evangelical slogans, and a roof-mounted megaphone. The truck bed was crowned with three crucifixes constructed out of leaf springs. It called the audience out of the gallery by slowly approaching from a side street while blaring "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" played at 15% normal speed. Jared gave a fiery sermon through a hand-held megaphone.

Attracting quite a crowd, the performance was interrupted by the police who stopped it citing our lack of a "megaphone permit." We later found out that no such permit existed in Norfolk at the time.

We raised our first money for the trip to Germany at that performance.

Participating Artists